Steam up 2006

Willow Creek Railroad

Brooks, Oregon USA


Looking for all the world like it and its driver had been in daily service. 

This Russell was providing the power for the threshing exhibit on Sunday. 

Richard Sweeny is the Guy standing on the wheel.



Saturdays power was provided by this Case


Trevor and Braden run "Trevor"


This auto car was built in 1902


This "Mike" is brand new. Built by Canadian Basil Pascoe who now lives in Oregon City.


Scott Johnson and Basil discussing the performance of the loco on it's first run


Trevor and Trevor driving Janet's Canadian Pacific FP-45


The Anderson Family donated this loco to the Willow Creek Railroad in memory of their Mother, Cecilia Anderson.




This 1927 Southern Pacific  Bucyrus-Erie 160 ton self propelled crane was in steam all weekend. It was formerly based at Klamath Falls and retired in 1991.




Steve on his Pensy G1


Trevor Johnson on the Coastal Starlight




Beautiful sunset over the Willamette Valley


Hot air balloon at Dawn


We stopped for water at the local gas station on Sunday morning


Reserve power in the roundhouse


A street car sets off back to the depot


The new club loco got a good workout hauling 6 new passenger cars


Frank driving the Johnson family 2-4-2 on a 62 car train

Click here and here to see video clips of this train in action


The new club loco also hauled the 62 car train




Lynn Iverson in her second year as the driver of the family 1912 Russell Steam Tractor



Bethany Priest on Janet's FP-45


 1917 HOLT self propelled combine harvester with four man crew.

The third guy from the front is the bag stitcher!

The oldest working example of a combine in the World.

A really spectacular display.


A close up of the engine and controls


"Trevor" is a single cylinder 3" scale Aveling & Porter with Stevenson valve gear 

He was built in England from a Maxitrak kit by Phil Heath in years 1999 - 2000

He is now propane fired with a copper boiler and weighs about 300 lbs


Ernie coaching his wife for another MSY?


The EMD FP-45 is 10 feet long and weighs approx. 1000 lbs

Scale is approx 1.8" to the foot

It is powered by one 8 hp license built Lynch LEM-200 electric motor.

The controller is by 4QD and the sound chip by Phoenix

The loco operates off 6 x 6v Trojan T-145 batteries with one 12v battery used to power the sound system, parking brake and lights. Power for the 12v battery comes from a 36v to12v Curtiss-Balken inverter. The parking brake actuator was previously used in a Volvo car seat.

The riding car and control panel were designed by Lindsay McDonnell. Bruce Wilson supplied the hall sensor for the amp meter and a lot of technical advice including controller and sound chip tuning. Geoff Robinson did most of the wiring. Chris Steih supplied the 200 watt amplifier and helped with the sound box construction.


Dan Morris also has images from the meet, click here

The Willow Creek club web site is here

The Antique Powerland Museum web site is here

Images from Steam Up 2004 are here









































































































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