Willow Creek Railway

and the

The Great Oregon Steam Up 

Brook's, Oregon USA


Josh rolls by on Braden's 2-4-0


Three of the 15 prototype working steam Traction Engines.


This amazing vehicle is a 1913 Altman oil engine that weighs 26,000 lbs. The device on the front is the radiator!


Shay boilers never die, they just go on to power Saw Mills. Check out the whistles!


Two miniature traction engines


More prototype traction engines


Another interesting oil engine, this time a crawler


This is a 1913 Rumley oil engine


Scott Johnson oils the SP&S 700 Northern between runs on the extensively rebuilt and expanded Willow Creek Railway.


Allan Jackson's very nice Cli-Shay built by Andy Anderson


Darin Golden running the Johnson family's 2-4-2 #13


Jack Chapman's SW1500 (Jack is kind of camera shy :)


The traditional attempt to break the previous years Willow Creek longest train record  gets under way. Loco's are the  SP&S Northern #700 owned by Gary Johnson and driven by Frank Lertora and Alan Shifley on his 4-8-2.

The record is now 102 cars (August 2005)

James Folk photo


In the distance, to the left, the rear of the train can be seen.

James Folk photo