Where does your club hold it's 

Annual General Meeting?

Do you sit in some back room somewhere with 20% of the membership present and argue about the cost of a wheelbarrow?

Or do you put the thinking cap on and come up with a great idea that is sure to attract pretty much everyone and have some fun at the same time?

That is what the Willow Creek Club from Brooks, Oregon did.

Because of their excellent working relationship with the Pacific Railroad Preservation Association, they arranged to have their meeting in a former New York Central Pullman car that is being converted for use as the tool / crew car for the SP&S 700 steam locomotive.


Better still they arranged for the SP&S 700 to pull the coach and a Great Northern Caboose after the meeting!





To see more images from Brooks where the Willow Creek club share the facility with many other organizations click here

Oh, Did I mention the door prizes at the AGM?