Train Mountain Photos

These are in no particular order. Click on a thumbnail to see a larger image.

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crisptm.jpg (37KB) - Art Crisp approaches. Art is a daily volunteer at Train Mountain.

biground.jpg (40KB) - Turntable at Train Mountain.

blkround.jpg (41KB) - Turntable at Train Mountain.

hoodup.jpg (51KB) - At Train Mountain.

lectric.jpg (98KB) - At Train Mountain. Roy Anderson's electric?

red1.jpg (43KB) - The first picture is of the engine Dick Melcher owned at the time. It is a J.W. Bowker 2-4-0. These pictures I think were taken back in 1995 Medford. Dick has since sold the engine to a party in the San Francisco Bay area.

redround.jpg (36KB) - Dick Melcher with the  J.W. Bowker 2-4-0. that he owned at the time.

swround.jpg (117KB) - At Train Mountain.

tankcab.jpg (89KB) - ??

vertboil.jpg (44KB) - At Train Mountain?

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