The Ladies of Live Steam

A tribute to the "few" who actively participate in our hobby, contributions welcome.


Fran Arts at Whangarei, New Zealand

Image by Ian McKay


Deborah Smith at Rugby, England


Ann Faulkner at Strathaven


 Asfia Parveen driving "Indian Glory" at the National Railway Museum, New Delhi, India


Natasha driving "Boris" N.S.W. Australia


Christy Hall at Train Mountain


Janet Heath at BMAS, Boras  Sweden


Melissa Morgan at Manukau, Auckland, New Zealand


Donna Hudson at Hemsby, England


Kimberley Walton driving "Erin" on the Denver Light Railway, England


Eleanor Sills at the Great Cockcrow Railway, England


Lisa Thorne at the Great Cockcrow Railway, England


Irene Henzi of Switzerland at the Great Cockcrow Railway, London, England


Foden steam powered truck driver, Masham Town Square Yorkshire, England


Katie Thomas at the Great Lakes Live Steamers


Linda Griffin at Burnaby, British Colombia, Canada


Nadine Schreiber of Germany at Train Mountain


Valerie at Chesapeake & Allegheny Live Steamers


Susan Parker of London, England


Charlotte Rogers driving world long distance record holder "Peggy" at

 Weston Park, Shropshire, England


Kyoko Hori of Fukuchiyama, Japan


Kazumi Sawai,  O.S.L.S.C,  Japan


Sarah Albers at Port Orchard, Washington


Raye Hickok at Burnaby, Canada


Laura Peterson at Port Orchard, Washington


Janet Heath at Hamilton, New Zealand

David Proctor photo.



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