Giesl Ejektor's in Kenya


ID plate from 30 class 3020 "Natyuru"


According to Dusty Durrant he was responsible for introducing the idea of the Giesl Ejektor to the East African Railways during his two year tenure with them in the mid 1950's

Interestingly he spent much more time in Southern Africa and was not successful there at all.

I do not know if the fact that the E.A.R. was oil fired and the Southern African countries were coal fired was the reason but every single post WWII built loco on the East African Railways was fitted with the device, in country, between 1956 and 1966.


Ejektor fitted 3020 Natyuru in December 2004


Spare Ejektor sitting on the workshop floor in Nairobi, December 2004


Ejektor fitted boiler from 60 class 6013 sitting on a flat wagon after being recovered from Voi. It was overhauled, and is now in use as a stationary boiler in the KR main works in Nairobi, December 2004


Ejektor fitted 59 class 5918 "Mount Gelai" in December 2004


29 class 2921 "Masai of Kenya" in December 2004


31 class 3123 "Bavuma" In December 2004


60 class 6006 "Sir Harold "MacMichael" in December 2004