Our Travels

September 2007

London - Gatwick to meet Janet off the Seattle flight then train to Waterloo. 

Waterloo to Paris on Eurostar. Try to buy tickets to Irun on the Spanish border and Lisbon.

No luck so buy tickets to Barcelona instead.

Two images on the banks of the Seine at twilight.




Get off the "Train Hotel" in Barcelona to find we have been riding in Cinderella's Castle all night......



We buy tickets for Lisbon then straight to the beach for a couple of hours for Janet to start work on her "all over" tan......


Wandering the back streets of the city


A small workshop that was unattended. It looked like it could tell a lot of stories



Some superb old architecture and some sensitive uses today.


A quick rest under a knurly old tree



Barcelona train station


Watching the resident turtles doing backstroke in the pond which is part of the atrium built into the old railway terminus in Madrid



Our hostel in Lisbon



Before the crowds



The view down to the main square from the Poets Hostel


The view of the Lisbon city skyline from the ferry crossing the Tagus River


A Tagus ferry heading for the south bank


Lunch in on the south bank of the Tagus River in Seixa


Janet before our ride on Lisbon tram E28 round the Baiiro Alto which can only be described as awesome. 

"Mr Toads wild ride"

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Here the tram lines appear to head into the Dumo



Towards the end of the tram ride this car was blocking the track, broken down. I and two other passengers jumped down to push it out of the way. The tram driver who had seen it all before a hundred times, just sat in his seat and voiced his critique of the process....


Passing over the Douro River approaching Porto Railway Station


Interesting architecture everywhere.


In Porto we changed trains and headed for Regua in the Douro Valley

A Cruise boat on the Douro River


Expressways crossing the valley and power generation on the hill tops, the Douro Valley in 2007


In Regua though the "Don" still keeps watch on the south bank


Today though it is fishermen on the river bank not washer women.


Our travels in and a look at the railways of the Douro Valley are better documented here



Vila Real


The Dumo in Vila Real


I could not resist taking this image of the "politically correct" Nissan dealership in Vila Real


Several images of the house and gardens "Casa Mateus" outside Vila Real













Janet posing for the bottle cover


I'm not clear now why we did not participate....


Waiting for the bus back into town. All the fencing was for a car race later in the month. Vila Real has a history of auto and motorcycle racing dating back at least to the 50's


This "Bird of Paradise" flower was growing in the median of the road in Regua town


Two views of the Roman bridge in Mirandela




As usual we were hunting for lunch in the back streets


The beach in Espinho on the Atlantic Ocean



Porto Station




I have a real soft spot for street musicians playing songs from the 70's and 80's. 

This guy and his puppets were playing "I have a dream" by Abba

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Walking down to the north bank of the Douro river in Porto




We walked across the lower section then back across the upper. No easy feat by any standard.....






Entering the Taylor's wine cellars on the south bank




Full circle, from the vineyards of the Douro Valley to the wine tasting rooms in Porto










Santiago De Compostela












We left Santiago with the intention of traveling along the north coast of Spain from Ferrol to Bilbao. Unfortunately we failed to reset the time on the alarm clock to Spanish time from Portuguese and missed the first train of the day. The bus from A Corunna to Ferrol was then 20 minutes late and we missed the daily FEVE train by five minutes....

So rather than wait a day in Ferrol in the rain we back tracked via Madrid


The southbound train stopped to allow the northbound to pass on the single line from A Coruna to Madrid. most of those passengers on the platform have bailed off for a smoke!



The Railway Station



Waiting for the Guggenheim Museum to open, we wandered round the market




There are 70,000 flowers in this dog


An interesting image of Janet taking a photo of me


The new Bilbao trams are impressive


Ever seen mowed railway tracks?


The beach in San Sebastian



Old locomotive plates decorating the walls of the railway station in San Sebastian



Searching for dinner in Bordeaux



Nice, Monaco, Pisa and San Tropez

Sunrise on the run along the Mediterranean towards Nice




Monaco in the rain. The street shown is part of the Grand Prix circuit and is called Sante Devote




A 500cc FIAT Arbarth Monte Carlo Rally car with Monaco license plates


Pisa, Italy

In search of sunshine and just because we could, we took a day trip from Nice to Pisa


We found our lunch down the back streets again

One of the best of the entire trip 



The Dumo with the restored tower behind.


The road to Saint Tropez.  If you can get you hands on a motorcycle/scooter....do it.




One of the smaller yachts in Saint Tropez harbour


The quiet side of San Tropez


And that's it.......time to go home








































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