The Triad Live Steam Club, Inc. is located at the Farmington Drag Strip in Farmington, NC. We have 3,000 feet of 7 1/2" gauge track with loading and unloading facilities. We are in the process of adding another 4,000 feet of track. We meet the second Saturday and the fourth Saturday of each month. We are looking for members. Interest in any phase of steam power is what we are looking for: just members with an interest in steam power or model railroading. Farmington is located on route 801 about 7 miles north of I-40 just past Clemmons, NC.

We have three run days each year. Our schedule for 2002 is March 30, July 6 and October 26.

Contact persons are Joe Showalter (336)724-9232, Fred Wood (336)766-7939, and Dan Foltz (336)744-1417.

Dan Foltz: gfoltz1719 @

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