Pietermaritzburg Model Engineering Society

I would like to let you know a little about what we are doing here in our part of South Africa and the Pietermaritzburg Model Engineering Society in particular. The society was origionally formed in 1922 but faded and only appeared intermittently until the 1970's when it was reconstituted in its present form. We now have around 40 members with a home base called Halley Park which was procured during the year of the comet. This is a 4.5 acre site leased from the city council on which we have built a club house with associated sheds etc. The track that we have laid is on ground level, approximately 650 metres long, and consists of three gauges, 7, 5, and 3 which is being completed at the moment. We have one passing loop at present and hope to have the second completed shortly, there are steaming bay facilities for about 12 locos at one time. We have about 10 sets of points, a diamond crossing, a tunnel, and a number of other features. Two different types of lifting gear are available and a turntable is in the making. The club has a 7 gge Sweet Pea and a freelance type of Diesel loco.

We have a run for the public every first Sunday, a general meeting every third Monday evening, and a committee meeting every first Monday evening. As with most others, visitors are always more than welcome.

Any one interested can contact me via e-mail or by telephone 0331-460492 at home, or write to me at

45 Ridge Road
Pietermaritzburg 3201
South Africa.

Martin Hampton hampton@botany.unp.ac.za

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