Live Steaming

Live Steaming - Central Oregon Area Live Steamers

We are a new club in the Bend area, started in May 99, and are currently establishing a right of way on 20 acres owned by the Eastern Cascades Model Railroad Club (ECMRR), (HO scale). Members of both scales form one club to help maintain the property and pay the bills. COALS (the 1 1/2" half) is gathering materials and equipment to lay track on our first phase, about 1200ft. Hopefully there will be more phases to follow. We have the remains of an old partially completed 1 1/2" layout started by Lionel Barker, also a past member of the HO club. When he passed away he left the property he owned to the HO club and they invited COALS to start a new layout.

Please contact Tom Allinger
or: COALS, 21520 Modoc Lane, Bend, OR, 97702.

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