"Logging Off"




Filmed over a four month period in the Winter of 2002-2003 it tells the

story of what turned out to be the last winters logging on the last steam

powered logging railway in China.

It is not just about the steam loco's although they of course feature

prominently. It is also about the people and their way of life. The farmers

making their way into the woods for one last winter, setting up camp and

logging using manual cross cut saws to fell the trees and animals to move the logs.

In one amazing scene a log comes flying down a frozen log chute right at the

camera it is followed by the Oxen required to haul it to the loading point.

Lots of great action of the loco's. I particularly thought that both the single main line

token exchanges and the night shots were excellent.

In one scene the loco crew are discussing (with sub-titles) what they will

do when the railway closes....grim times.

The program ends by showing the rails being ripped up and loaded on the last

train into town in the spring of 2003. Right at the height of the SARS

fiasco which will have prevented all foreigners from witnessing the scene.

Well worth the purchase price.









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