I have owned my Enco lathe for a year now and have enjoyed many hours of operation. The lathe that I purchased is the 13 x 40 bench model. If your readers have an interest my only regret is that knowing what I know now I would have bought the heavier machine with a 3 phase motor. The floor stand that comes with the bench version is just too light. Reinforcing is possible but troublesome. Enco does not make a point of it but they back their machine purchases with a 90 day warranty. At least they did a year ago.

For my own experience Enco sales persons, though eager to help, do not always know all of what they should about the products they sell. Enco will, however, back their efforts to the hilt. If the least little thing is wrong they will work with you to make it right. This has been my experience at least.

Their equipment is not junk but you get no more than what is paid for so keep your eyes open and your brain in gear. If it were not for Enco, I would not have a lathe yet, that is capable of the work that I want to do. There are other suppliers and I have heard good things about them but I have no direct experience.

From what I have seen, suppliers like Grizzley, Wholesale Tool and Jet obtain their supply of machinery from similar sources. The price and the service are the key. Ask lots of questions and think before you step. I wish there were more people around like Mr. Harrison who will write from the shoulder without prejudice.

My machine works well and Enco can furnish parts. A contactor failed in the motor starter for my lathe. Enco furnished a new one (after the 90 days) for $80. The only hitch is that the electrics are IEC standard and not NEMA as is found in this country. The result is lots of skinned knuckles and bruised fingers. The control panel is 1/4 the size that it should be but that is why we are hobbiests. No money, no brains, just time and not much of that.

Steve Lytle WHOPO@aol.com