Summary Of The Patent For Quick Steam Generator

This patent is a product that can beget steam of the liquid. It can produce the up-boiling water steam, and up-boiling point steam of another liquid. It can be used as the source of vapor or heat.

Against the historical background of this technology, the way to get steam was to boil certain amount of liquid to its boilding point, then by further heating to produce out the steam. There are several ineffective ways for energy-consuming by way of above historical steaming process. They are :

  1. The heat source will transmit the heat energy not only to the container but to its surrounding mediums directly as well, such as air etc. The transmitting of heat energy may even bring a negative effect upon those receptacles around.
  2. There is a considerable difference of temperature between the surface of the liquid receptacle and its surrounding medium, which is the difference between liquid temperature and gas temperature. Thus, the heat dispersal of that receptacle is rather quick and energy consuming. Meanwhile, there might still be a negative heat effect upon those objects around.
  3. When the steam is coming out enough, the surplus liquid is up-boiling liquid. Most of the processing procedure is to throw away those surplus liquid, which takes away a large amount of heat energy.

Apart from above 3 energy-wasting characteristics, this steam-producing procedure also consumes many working times:

  1. The liquid would need a more pre-heating process in order to get to the up-boiling point.
  2. It takes a long, long process to get the steam produced out.

Our patent here has overcome all above mentioned deficiency, the pre-heating time can be saved, the heat source won't contact directly with the outside world, the rise of receptacle temperature is very low, temperature of the surplus liquid is basically the surrounding air-temperature and it is an energy-saving as well as time-saving way to get steam. If it's for family use, energy can be saved up to a level of over 40%; when used with hair-dressing machine, energy can be saved to a degree of over 60%. At the same time, time can be saved correspondingly.

Just take homely steaming food for an instance. A three-personed-family would need 10 big dumplings in all. From the beginning of heating to its finish it normally takes 40 minutes, including 20 minutes for pre-heating, another 20 minutes for steaming. However, if our patent product is being used here, when having the same power, the pre-heating time is only 30 seconds to 1 minute, steaming time would only need 15 minutes, whose total time is 16 minutes to get our food ready.

For steaming hair-dressing machine, a normal pre-heating time is 25 minutes, 15 minutes is for real usage, whose total time is 40 minutes in all. When using our patent product, pre-heating time is only 1 minute, real working time is 15 minutes, whose total time is only something around 15 minutes. The surplus liquid still remains the normal temperature. If it has been used in industrial gas-source, heat-source, it can constantly supply steam while absorbing normal temperature liquid. Its pre-heating time is unbelievably short, surplus liquid consumes very little heat energy.

This patent can be utilized by industry, medical area and home life. It can be developed into many different kinds of serial products:

  1. Steaming & Cooking: Homely-used steam box, steam-listerizing box, steam-box for dinning hall, temperature-keeping box, steam temperature-preserving box, steam-producer for shower, medical listerizeing mediums, medical-physical-Therapy instruments etc.
  2. Homely heater, showering-heater.
  3. Hair-Dressing Finishing Machine, Ion Beauty-preserving Spayer , etc.
  4. Industrial Steam Source, High-Temperature Gas, Steam Iron instrument.
  5. Industrial Heat Source and multi-unit with single door, multi-unit with multi-door for centering heating equipment.
  6. Hot the liquid to difinite degree and the distill or fractionation equipment.

All above kinds of products can be manufactured into serial products according to its size, power etc. Besides, most of them can be produced into products which use coal or coal-gas.

Part of above mentioned products are genuinely new, for example :

Home steam box, multi-function temperature-preserving box for dinning hall, steam box. Shower Steam Producer can bring the health-preserving steam showering from hotels back home; and the medical listerizing steam box can fast spread the listerizing system into countryside. Some of the products can well replace their current marketing products just due to its energy-saving characteristics, i.e. High Temperature Listerizing Box, Homely Heater, Shower Heater, Hair-Cutting Machine, Ion Spry Hair-Dressing Unit, Industrial Steam-Producing Equipment. Centering Heating Equipment can install its heat source outdoor while still wonderfully preserving its best effect. It won't increase any investment when upgrading the multi-family heating system to singular heating system.


  1. Homely Steam Box, Hair-Dressing Machine, Hair-Cutting Machine, Showering Steam-Producer, Medical Physical Treatment Machine, Industrial Steam-Producer of small Size etc.
    • Equipment Required : Plastic Shell : 1200 gram plastic-inserting machine, drilling bed, installation table etc.
    • Stainless Iorn Shell : Bending bed, Drilling Bed, Machine Tool,
    • Argon Electric Arc Solder Machine, Installation Table, 100 gram plastic-inserting machine.
    • Spaces : 100- 200 square meters.
    • Raw Materials : Plastic, steel boards, steel tubes, electric wires, worms, electrical elements etc.
    • Running Capital : RMB200,000.00
  2. Homely Heater, Medical Listerizing Box, Steam-Box for Dinning Hall, Steam Temperature-Preserving Box, Industrial Steam-Source Equipment, Steam Iron instrument, Single or Multiple Centering Heating Equipment etc.
    • Equipment Required : a couple of Machine Tools, Cutters, electrical solder, Drilling Bed, Press Model Machine.
    • Spaces : 300- 500 square meters.
    • Raw Materials : Steel Boards, Steel Tubes, Anti-Electricity Materials, Plastic parts etc.
    • Running Capital : RMB300,000--600,000

The Transfer condition after the exploitation of each serial products:

  • To supply partial samples, design paper, assist the finishing of final products.
  • Name of Patent : Quick Steam Producer.
  • Number of Patent : CHINA 94202392.7
  • Contact Person : Mr. Xiong Bao Chun
  • E-mail Address:
  • Phone Call Number and Fax : 86-21-58678587

Attached : Catalogue of Part of the above-mentioned products.

  • Shower Steam Producer
  • Homely Steam Box, Homely Temperature-Preserving Box
  • Medical Listerizing Box, Steam Physical Therapy Equipment , Atomizing Absorber.
  • Homely Steam Oven, Homely Lesterizing Box
  • Homely Heater
  • Spray Hair-Dressing Machine
  • Dinning Steam Box, Temperature-Preserving Box
  • Industrial Steam Source & Heat Source Equipment
  • Quickly boiling point water product equipment
  • Quickly distill equipment