1.                  What essential footplate SAFETY checks must be performed before any preparation of the locomotive commences?





2.                  During preparation what checks must be made around the front of the locomotive?





3.                  What important boiler/firebox inspections must be made before lighting the fire?





4.                  What is the purpose of the dome on most locomotives?








5.                  Describe in order the cones in a live steam injector, and basically how it works? 





6.                  What is the purpose of STAYS that can be seen in and around the firebox area?




7.                  When a locomotive has sufficient steam pressure list SEVEN essential steam tests that must be completed before leaving the shed?





8.                  Describe the operation of a mechanical lubricator and how oil is supplied to the cylinders?





9.                  During disposal, with the locomotive secure, before commencing to clean-out the smoke-box what examination must you make?

Describe the method of cleaning?







10.              What is the ideal water level to be maintained in the boiler when running and why?





11.              Describe PRIMING and the bad effect that it has, what causes a locomotive to prime and the action that must be taken when it occurs?







12.              What is the purpose of a superheater? describe the passage of steam from the regulator to the cylinders? By what term are locomotives not fitted with a superheater known?









Locomotive Superintendent.

Great Cockcrow Railway

London, England




Remember always that your personal safety and that of others comes first on the railway.