West Coast Rail Museum

Squamish, BC Canada 

August 2006

Significant changes have taken place in the past 12 months. 

Work has started on the new roundhouse / convention center




The Royal Hudson has now passed final hydro and is in the process of re-assembly




A new HO layout is under construction inside a refurbished passenger car. All the work being done since November2005.


A new G-Scale layout is under construction. It is now possible to see and photograph three gauges in operation simultaneously. "G",  7.5" and 4' 8.5"




Mary Roy cooking lunch for those attending the annual Mini Rail event


The main line was busy, a huge consist heading north


This Budd railcar was in service,  giving rides locally


Visiting steam loco's on the Mini Rail


The interior of the traveling sorting office exhibition




This very rare 1934 Chrysler Airflow was recently acquired by the museum


This Chinese replica of a 1938 BMW R-71 was in town


This is now all that remains of the former BC Rail steam shops in North Vancouver. It is certainly timely that the WCRM was in place.


This is the old BC Rail passenger terminal. Still in place albeit fenced off on the rail side 


I guess someone knows the reason why the Rocky Mountaineer, Whistler operation uses this shed rather than the BC Rail station.....


We stopped in briefly at the Lake Whatcom Railroad where this RS1 was in service.