Vancouver Island Model Engineer's 2004

Spring and Summer Meets

Bob Buckle on his Pacific


A view across to the existing track from where one of the new bridges will be set


Courtney and Amy Jones from Seattle

DDV photo


James Powel's Britannia Pacific


Cliff Plumpton's new G5 Pacific


The club BC Rail electric 


Trevor and Elizabeth loading passengers

DDV photo


Victoria Fire Department steam operated pump


Steve Vadeboncour

DDV photo


Claude's newly restored Nash Metropolitan


Paul and Rob

DDV photo


Art (nice tie) Rostick on his much modified SW1500

Loco now features Disc brakes for the loco, air compressor for air braked rolling stock, Boat seat with rear storage locker and four tone horns from a 1981 Cadillac!


Ron Braunton's L.N.E.R "B1" 4-6-0 "Bongo"


Carl's Fowler "Dock Tank"


Interesting 0-8-0 owned by the Hubner family


John Yardley's Pensy K4 Pacific on the turntable


John Mcdonald's L.M.S. "Royal Scot" 4-6-0


Bill Smith's 0-4-2 Saddle Tank


Mark Liggin's 2-8-0


Pat Hosford's freelance 4-4-0 with slip eccentric valve gear and Belpaire firebox to a design by Cliff Blackstaffe


G.W.R. King "King Edward VII" 4-6-0 at the station with a full load.


Keith's Welsh Narrow Gauge Hunslet 0-4-0


Russell Dunn sets off from the station on his two truck Heisler with a full load.