Builders plate from GMA/M 4140

This was the last large Garratt built in the UK

Loco was scrapped at De Aar in 1986 after it was returned from loan to NRZ (Bulawayo)

with thanks to Chas Rickwood (Bulawayo)


4140 at Camfer, South Africa in 1978 (Richard Niven)


A glass ash tray showing the location of the Beyer-Peacock offices at "Locomotive House" on Buckingham Gate street in London

With thanks to Bruce Ward, Burbank, California


Original Builders plate from China Railways QJ class 2-10-2 number 2961 

Built Datong 1975,  Scraped Baotou, Inner Mongolia March, 1999

This plate had 17 coats of paint when removed from the loco upon scrapping.



Replica works plate from New South Wales AD60 class Beyer-Garratt 6039

With thanks to Keith Jones (Dorriego NSW)


Original cab side number plate from East African Railways 58 class 5805

With thanks to Rob Dickinson (Beijing)


Original smoke box logo from a Rhodesia Railway Loco

with thanks to FOBRM (Bulawayo)


Original front pilot beam number plate from National Railways of Zimbabwe 20th class Beyer-Garratt number 747 "Jumbo"

With thanks to FOBRM (Bulawayo)


Replica number plate from  East African Railways 59 class Beyer-Garratt 5928 "Mount Kilimanjaro" cast in the foundry of Kenya Railways in December 2004

with thanks to Joe Kamau (Nairobi)


Original smokebox plate from EAR 24 class 2456

with thanks to Chas Rickwood (Bulawayo)


East African Railway 13 class,  1315 builders plate

Thanks to Graham Roberts (Nairobi)