Train Mountain Triennial Meet

Chiloquin, Oregon USA

July 2006


Train Mountain has not grown much in the last three years but it sure has grown up. Lots more scale infrastructure,  buildings, sidings, water towers, remote switch stands, landscaping etc.

There were approx. 300 loco's registered. I'm not clear on exactly how many actually showed up.  I do know that 92 steam powered loco's actually received a boiler certificate to run. 

There were more coal fired loco's than ever before, as you will see in some of the images. More International visitors from more countries and more families than ever before too. 


It was great to see Larry Anderson back with his Erie "Triplex". I asked Larry what he had done to solve his steaming problems of three years ago. "Not much" he said "I just learned how to drive it". 

He is now building a Northern Pacific Z5 Mallet which he states will steam before the end of 2006


This early American belongs to 15 year old Timmy Durr of Vancouver, Washington.....he traded his dirt bike for it as a ten year old!


You have to admire a man with the fortitude to build a Triplex. 

Larry Anderson


Lindsay McDonnell's Britannia looking very prototypical with its now faded paint. Loco was built in 1964 about the time the prototypes were being scrapped. Two survive


One of my favorite images of the meet






Lee Brooks (L) and Kevin McKinley helped everyone unload.




Mike Polinsky from Holbrook, Arizona with Brian Ratliff's Heisler and a precious bottle of water!








Peter Moseley sorting out a derailment


This loco, as the lettering suggests came over from Sydney, Australia

It is owned by Peter Law and powered by a three cylinder Kubota Diesel Engine


Brian Ratliff checking out a switch




Ron Schmidt's D&RGW K27 "Mudhen" #464










Ken Burns on his RGS #41


Lloyd Dannenberg


Tom Vertel




Lloyd Dannenberg and his son Paul from Brisbane, Australia




George Potter tending his wood fired American



Carl Vanderspek's D&RGW  "Electric"










Cal Tinkham performing a boiler exam


L to R   Mark, Jerry and Rich


Colin Edwards (r) and Dave Latham from Wales


Now this is a weed eater


Nelson Lanchester's box cab






Christy and Matt Hall on their new loco



George Potter rolling into the main yard tunnel. the boxes contain his fuel...wood.













Beer 4:30


Boyd Butler






Seth Corwen from Wrightstown, New Jersey


Mark Flitton's Royal Hudson




Marie Weaver on her new three wheel  "Galloping Goose"






Offset Boiler and offset headlight


Many hands of all ages helping to unload








3" scale Aveling and Porter Steam Traction Engine 

Propane fired




Brian Ratliff going for a spin




Ken Klakowich from Vancouver, Canada










A good PR shot for the CSX? not so good for the loco builder...




Vendor Barn


Bruce Ward on his" Invicta". They have traveled together to over 60 different tracks.


Cynthia, Jonathan and Darren McNeely from Garland, Texas make their way from South Meadow RV campground past the hundreds and trucks and trailers up the hill to Central Station.






Brian Ratliff again




"Mr. Fix it", Canadian Al Whitcombe




There are two types of tender loco with motion under the tender, this is one of them.....


Chuck Hackett and Patrick Durand


Paul Hunter's Big Boy built by Floyd Epperson




Goran and Ake from Sweden




"Dad.... you broke it!" "Nah son, Me and your Grandma just broke it in"








Peter Nott's spectacular Berkshire


The same loco before painting


The Ratliff Heisler with plow fitted.....just in case











Many hands re-rail Cliff Plumpton's Pacific while the Austrian's supervise


Janet Heath driving Goran Rosen's "Britannia"


On the right,  Mr. Art Crisp







Jeff Tolan and friend



Mr. "Yardmaster" Joel Slagg from Idaho










L to R Nelson, Barbara, Doug, Shirley, Marie, Dick and Dennis



Trevor and Trevor drive "Trevor"


Scott Johnson and Family



Jeff and Kevin Tolan from California











Brian Ratliff driving Ron Schmidt's K27 # 464






Peter Nott with a good load



Conrad Whitney on his Hunslet with George Hoke riding shotgun







Tom Vertel



Timmy Lewis from San Diego, California







Trevor Johnson








Seminars in the Hall of Flags






Rub a dub-dub three in a tub


Ten year old Dakota Durr from Vancouver, Washington

"A kip in the shade"





And this is a leaf -pine needle brush-blower!



Quentin Breen's SP "Trainmaster"



Randall and Bethany Priest



Last minute polish ready for the grand parade



Will and Mrs. Landon, Panoramic photographers



Some of the many International visitors


Retiring Train Mountain Secretary, Carol Lancelot

"Out in Front"






Quentin and Sharon Breen lead the parade away

Someone called out "how come you get to go first?" 

"5 million dollars" was the answer...






Carl Vanderspek's Fulton County #1 making it's first appearance on the west coast


There are a few less bugs in Klamath county 


A family meet for sure




Should we have a competition for best caption? I've already heard several. 

If this was a motorcycle grand prix racing web site, this image would be right at steam, a first for sure.


Thanks to:

Janet Heath, Glenn Peterson, Eric Walters, Bruce Ward and Mike Wegerif 

for additional images. Without which this page would be lacking.....











































































































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