September 2008





Fort guarding the entrance to Kusadasi from the Agean Sea






The main street leading down to the Library





Stone toilets






















The cooks making our lunch...best meal in Turkey!



Giving tourists a bad name




300-400 year old prayer mats in a 14th century mosque




The great carpet buying experience!




The customer and the salesman

Click here to see a video clip



We purchased this one!



The tools of a plate artist



The plate artist one of 48 employed by this shop



The plate salesman and his customer

Click here to see a video clip of the plate shop










Bathing in the calcium rich hot springs amongst the columns of ancient Pammukale












The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul was a great disappointment. Crowded, expensive, repetitive, with mostly imported goods. We were warned in Kusadasi by Turks but still went anyway.......

 We dug around in the corners and found a more traditional area away from the cruise ship hoards that have made everyone rich and lazy.



We found this silversmith at work in a father and son operated workshop



A Istanbul tradition...buying a fish sandwich on the Bosphorus



The end of Ramadan 

"Let's Party"



One of the smaller fishing villages on the banks of the Bosphorus



The entrance to the Black Sea


This castle guards the northern entrance where the Bosphorus leads into the Black Sea



It is an unusual sight to see ships this close moving at speed



Anadolu Kavagi is as far as you can go on the Bosphorus unless you're on a through passage



Lunch in the Orient Express Restaurant on Istanbul Railway Station



Date night on the banks of the Bosphorus



View from the roof top restaurant of the hotel in Istanbul with the Sea of Marmora  in the background



The ceilings of the Blue Mosque





Seen in one corner of the blue mosque





Janet waiting while we tried to sort out a bus ride to Kilyos



Turn around point of the trip...standing in the Black Sea at Kilyos



Turkish - Greek border




How many guys does it take to drive a bus?

A bus with only two passengers...Janet and I