Switch Stands

Building and installing remote switch stands for Train Mountain


The original ten in 2003


Geoff welding up an assembly



Finish welded assemblies ready for powder coating


Dennis machining internal parts


Richard and Dennis performing final assembly. Yellow handles and disc's shown lower left


Jerry Crane and Larry Harper getting down to the job of actual installation






Nelson Lanchester fitting targets




Off to the next location,  Jerry, Richard and Nelson in the first three seats.


No switch stands here but what a view on a beautiful spring day crossing one of the dams


Installation work train rolling over the top of the 2% grade approaching the tunnel under South Chiloquin Road


Number 31 of 60 to be installed


 Janet Mayberry,  January 2005


This project to place 60 remote switch stands on the Train Mountain track-age was conceived, planned and funded by Geoff Robinson. 

The stands are based on a design by Walt McGowan

Machining and stand assembly by Geoff Robinson, Dennis Weaver and Richard Mairs

Logistics by Trevor Heath

Switch installation by all of the above and many more......

Stand installation images by Dennis Weaver


Corporate help from :

Mike Hewlett and Automated Metal Technologies, (Laser Cutting and bending)

Redmond, Washington


Dale Gerber and Kitsap Powder Coating

Poulsbo, Washington


Mark White and EMJ (steel tubing)

Auburn, Washington















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