New South Wales, Australia

February 2004


We stopped by at Bob McLoud's place where he had his 8 hp Fowler compound traction engine in steam for us to see. Newly restored, she is a beauty.  we took off down the road for about a mile. She needs rubber tires before she can be driven into town on the paved road.


Beautiful country in Northern NSW as the Fowler rolls by.


Check out the Canon for welcoming visitors. The Canon balls are for Salesman and Religious fanatics. The list to the left describes the amount of powder to be used depending on the "severity" of the visit.


This is the mail box for the same house


This is the prototype of the Garratt we are building


This is a replica of the actual builders plate presented to me by the Dorrigo Museum. The small plate top left is the 1.5" scale version of the same plate for the loco we are building.


This is an interesting original, as removed builders plate. It is from loco 6043 which was never built by Beyer-Peacock the order being cancelled by the NSW railway. 8 Loco's in all were cancelled but 5 were already started so the parts completed were shipped as spares. The rest of the story is REALLY interesting.


Keith Jones, Curator of the Dorrigo Museum explaining how the governor works for the Westinghouse Compound Air Compressor on 6039


This is the progress so far on the loco we are building. Photo taken at Train Mountain in June 2003


We were also able to photograph the fully sectioned out sister (6001) to our loco in the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney. This loco was built by the NSW Railway apprentices in the late 1960's, early 1970's 


The drivers position in the prototype 6039


Top feed check (clack) valve photographed for modeling purposes


Safety Valve from the prototype 6039 This part is a bit of a mystery as it is nothing like the Beyer-Peacock drawings, nor is it like the scale parts fitted to the model 6001


Beyer-Peacock 0-6-0 number1919 built in 1878. Now restored to operating condition on the Glenreagh Mountain Railway. Just in need of just its final top coat of black paint.


Cooking Bacon and Eggs on the firemen's shovel in the firebox of 1919. You had to have been there for the aroma and the taste!


Glenreagh Junction Railway station which is to be fully rebuilt by the NSW Railway as a historical landmark to represent how things were. Note the water tower in the center distance.


This is the track bed facing west from Glenreagh, 90lb rail but most of the sleepers (ties) need to be replaced, this is going ahead with concrete sleepers being delivered to the site.


Glenreagh Junction modeled in HO by Bruce Block


Another view


Bruce has also modeled the Great Western Railway in South Devon England

This is Newton Abbot Station


The Sea wall


Dawlish Station


Peter Webb has modeled the Southern Pacific in HO with it's Cab Forward loco's


Another view.