Images from a 3-week 6,000 mile road trip with Elizabeth to Durango, Mexico via Guaymas and Mazatlan with a return via La Paz and Ensenada on the  Baja.

The La Roca hotel in Puerto Penasco, Sonora

Where Al Capone once hid out

First hotel built in the area (1927)



Elizabeth buying a Guitar in the Guaymas Market


Guaymas market seller


Elizabeth now all set for a life on the road, Guitar, Juicer and sunhat


Guaymas family we met. Father, Carlos is a shrimp fisherman, Mother and Daughter both named Norma, young son named Mario or "Baby Diablo" by Carlos


Best fresh orange juice stand in Mexico

Just South of Guaymas on the road to Los Moches


We rode the CHEPE railroad from Los Moches to Creel to see the Copper Canyon.


For most of the time while climbing I was on the point

I was also the Cameraman for this clip...


3,000 HP chasing one



Those black pita's contained tomatoes and white cabbage


Creel bus station


We rented bikes and did some trail riding




Mamma pulling the plow while foal grazes nearby


Creel area has many indigenous people


Canyon overlook at Divisidaro


Waiting for the return train at Divisidaro


Indigenous people selling their baskets


Wall murals at the Belmar hotel in Mazatlan. Built in 1924 it was the first Oceanside hotel in town



View from our room at the Belmar


Cliff diver


We "splurged" on dinner on the beach at sunset

Splurge was 15 bucks :)


About 70 miles NE of Mazatlan on the road to El Salto and Durango


Climbing the "Spine of the Devil road from Mazatlan to El Salto. The danger is from the trucks swinging wide and cutting the corners, falling rocks and......the odd donkey and cow roaming about. The road itself is not that difficult although we were in 2nd gear for long periods.

Click here to see a video clip of the drive


Buying peaches near the summit of the road


Sergio and Gabino Gomero with Gabino's children and their Heisler steam loco


The family Shay loco which ran as recently as 2005


Church in Durango


There are many ranchers in the Durango area, typical dress


Durango fruit stand


Roadside kiln


Back in Mazatlan, we again went to the Belmar


The ferry arrives from La Paz



Ticket check before boarding ferry to La Paz


The route from La Paz to Ensinada had some spectacular undeveloped coastline.


The fishing fleet preparing to leave Santa Rosalia at sunset to catch Squid


Elizabeth scoring a hand beaten copper frying pan, the work of the seller


Janet scored from this collection!


Last day out we stopped to see the old growth redwoods near Eureka, California


"Nice tree"


Trip was trouble free, very enjoyable and we will go again... further south next time possibly all the way to Panama.

More info about the car can be found here