Kenya's Diesel Locomotives


7901 "Explorer" by AEI Lister Blackstone the first diesel locomotive in East Africa.



Images of two of the three extant 32XX class by John Fowler in 1950



7105 outside 6 shop in the main works prior to departure for Voi


7204 at an unknown location (GR)


8701 at Nakuru (GR)


8739 (GR)


3505 by John Fowler in 1970


A pair of 62 class at Nairobi (GR)


Steam team fireman James Maduba driving 6217 to go and fetch steam locomotive 

170 (2409) from the museum


9214 at Nairobi west (GR)


A 93 class hauling a dead 92 class and consist off the Kibera section into Nairobi west yard


9306 at Nairobi (GR)


Two views of the newer French track inspection cars. Above at Nairobi West yard and below in Mombasa (GR)


Wickham Speeder at Nairobi east


Lastly 5918 sitting in the hole at Athi River waiting for a 93XX to pass on a freight for Mombasa.

Images (GR) are by Graham Roberts