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Our FP-45 is for sale

7.50" gauge, 10 feet long, Weight approx 1000 lbs

All steel, hand built construction of the highest quality

Lynch LM-200 Licensed built by Briggs's & Stratton electric motor rated at 8 hp continuous and 20 hp for short periods. Motor is rated at over 90% efficient

4QD controller with full dynamic braking

36V (6 x 6V) Deep Cell Trojan (brand) batteries with low hours

Curtiss-Balkan 36V-12V inverter

Phoenix sound chip

200 Watt Amplifier

Large multi-speaker sound box

Custom made, fully automatic 36V charger

Electrically actuated parking brake

Fully detailed cab

Engineers Car with full function, well laid out control panel plus under-seat storage

Fitted cover for the locomotive




Very easy to drive and maintain, easy to share with others.

Very powerful, will haul heavy loads for long durations.


Located in Port Orchard, Washington

Price 10,000 USD


Trevor Heath

















































































































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