Classifieds Section Notice

Because of unsolvable damage and programming issues caused to this site after it was "hacked" by person's unknown two weeks ago.

 The  abuse of the this page by some (commercial operators posting ad's when it was clearly stated that it was for the individual live steamer and, Individuals "stuffing" every category with the same ad) and, the unacceptable attitudes of some.  

I am no longer offering a free classifieds ad page.

This page may return. If it does, there will be a charge for ad's placed and all ad's may have be sent to me for approval and verification prior to posting. 

 I have no timeframe for this decision. 

The charge, if made would be to cover the cost of new software, programming and administration of this page, possibly by a third party.

If you are disappointed by this decision, be assured, so am I.  It must be understood by all using this site that is my hobby, live steam in general is my life time hobby, it is not my business and this web site is not my place of business.

I will no longer tolerate this rudeness, abuse or un-founded criticism of me or this site. If it continues, this entire site will be GONE.

I will now give you just two examples of many as to why this decision has been reached in addition to the afore mentioned software damage caused by hackers.

1. About a month ago I received an e-mail from a person who clearly knew nothing about live steam, loco types etc. He had acquired a locomotive (although he did not know that is what it was) and wanted to sell it.. He provided a photo, not a good one but it did show the loco as being a British 9F 2-10-0 freight loco.  He asked me to identify and appraise the loco. I told him what it was, where and when it was built and several other details. I asked for $100.00 for the appraisal. This was the first time I had asked anyone for a fee. I was driven to do so because of a shear lack of courtesy ( good morning, please,  thank you,  the basic things your parents taught you) by this person. The reply I received to this request basically burned me on the spot. I was told (a) The loco was a 7P 4-6-2 not  9F 2-10-0.  A photo of a 7P from the internet was provided to show me how wrong I was!!  and, (b) That I was a GREEDY BASTARD for asking for an appraisal fee. And, that I was not taking the right attitude with regards Customer service......

I see the loco is now for sale on another web site where one has to pay to place an ad. The loco has now reverted to being a 9F 2-10-0 the ad contains details that I provided.

The person involved in the above has the e-mail address:

2. Yesterday I received this e-mail despite the fact that the classified page had a notice posted that there was a maintenance issue.

"Whats wrong with your classified website, I was trying to modify my ad and ad a new ad and it keeps coming up," down for Maintance" and this has been for the last two days,   john"

I replied, "Good morning to you too....."

To which I received this reply

"well, is it going to be fixed anytime in the near future? and I don think that you should cop an attitude with me just because I asked what was wrong with your website, not anyway to do business...."

to which I replied "what fucking business"

and received this reply:

"your just a mean mother arnt you, why are you so angry? did you loose your wife or something did your hair fall out or what, your just a very angry old fart....."

The person who wrote this has the e-mail address:

And so the page is gone.

Trevor Heath

July 29th 2004