Borås MiniatyrÅngloksSälskap

June 2006






A clever idea for a wheel chock...one you can see without standing on your head!



A Swedish version of a British class 8 diesel shunter. Note the derail bars


Janet is checked out by Goran on the BR class 7 "Britannia"





Carriage shed



Station building named after the founder of Live Steam in Sweden, Rustan Lange

The main railway line to Gothenburg is behind this building



Track Plan



70000 with Swedish passenger coach





There are two BR class 7P at this facility 70000 and 70004







Goran doing what he loves to do.....



A clever idea, spring loaded poles to remind inattentive riders what is ahead

B.M.A.S. is in the town of Boras approx. 75km east of Gothenburg

Their web site which includes a history of Live Steam in Sweden is here


With many thanks to Goran and Margareta Rosen







































































































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